iMac Repair Sydney

iMac Logic Board Repair Service (Professional service for 15 years)

  • Repeated kernel panic-graphic
  • iMac won’t boot at all
  • iMac is abnormally slow
  • Distorted video or noise on the screen
  • Laptop overheating and shutting down
  • Non-functioning ports
  • iMac freezing
  • No video on the iMac screen
  • Lines appearing on the screen

iMAC Water Liquid Damage Repair Service

Spilled liquid over your iMac? We offer component level repairs on all Apple laptop models including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook and iMac models. We use the latest BGA rework stations and reballing equipment to perform component-level logic board repair and replacement services. We do replace from small components to major chips.

Professional Service for iMac

  • iMac memory upgrade – 10 minutes
  • iMac Apple genuine super drive replacement – 20 minutes
  • iMac genuine MagSafe power jack repair – 30 minutes
  • iMac software installation – up to 1 hour
  • iMac wifi repair service – 1.5 hours
  • iMac software installation – up to 1 hour
  • iMac cracked screen repair or replacement – 2 hours
  • iMac LED screen back cover replacement -2 hours
  • iMac genuine pure glass repair or replacement – 2 hours
    • 2.5″ 500G
    • 2.5″ 1TB
    • 2.5″ 128GB SSD
    • 2.5″ 256GB SSD
* Set up your new Mac and transfer data from your old machine – either PC or MAC.
iMac Repair Sydney